Making Peace With… Klopp Leaving

How Klopp’s Departure Echoes Our Deepest Losses


It’s a funny old game… Were they talking about football, life or both? Today I woke up to the shock news that my favourite football manager Kloppo (Jürgen Klopp) announced he was leaving Liverpool F.C.

For fans, Klopp’s departure evokes a sense of loss that’s deeply personal. It was a bolt out of the blue and millions of fans around the world are feeling a huge sense of loss. The overwhelming reaction bears witness to the incredible human being that Jürgen embodies.


From the day he joined the club, he didn’t just bring with him a brilliant footballing brain, but that big grin and even bigger hug. He became a father figure to the young players around him and made dreams come true, whether meeting fans in the community or giving youth players a chance on the first team.

Klopp literally did everything for the club….


I’m the only one who sees the tank meter is going down. The outside world doesn’t see that

Jürgen Klopp explains his reason for leaving Liverpool

Pacivida teaches us that life’s surprises happen when you least expect them. So, as a Liverpool fan, or a fan of any team, how do you come to terms with your beloved manager leaving? Remember Pacivida Principle #1:

Everyone is on their unique journey in life.

Klopp’s decision to leave is a perfect example of this. No-one apart from him knows how tough the toughest moments of managing Liverpool have been. In his 25-minute announcement, there was a key moment. He said:

“I had to explain it to Ulla (his wife) clearly. I tried to explain it with, I’m like a proper sports car – not the best one but a pretty good one, can still drive 160, 170, 180 mph but I’m the only one who sees the tank meter is going down. The outside world doesn’t see that, that’s good, so you go until as long as we have to go, but then you need a break. In this case, you need to go to the petrol station. That’s exactly what I know I have to do, but nobody has to worry until the end of this season, I know that I will be fine until then.”

It’s important to recognize that Klopp has his own life journey to consider. As much as we want to, you can’t hold someone at a club forever. As Klopp said:

I knew it already for longer that I will have to announce it at one point.”


When I read into Klopp’s statement, it is clear that he was overwhelmed. The club has lost a great manager because the pressure was too much. Whilst sports teams spend millions making sure every player is in peak condition, are they doing the same for their managers? Today there is so much pressure that draws on a manager’s energy off the pitch, from interviews, community outreach, managing the personal issues of players and the constant pressure to create new content for social media channels. I often see clips online and think:

“How on earth do they have the time to do all this? I barely have time to clear my inbox every day!”

It is a bigger discussion, but also an opportunity for us all to reflect on the areas of our lives that cause us overwhelm and whether we need to take a step back.


Practising Pacivida is remembering everything that has a start – from a person’s birth to a new role in life – and there will always be an end. The higher the high, and the more you become attached to someone or something, the harder it is when that journey finishes.

The overriding focus of Pacivida is to practise making peace daily with whatever life brings, including embracing its endings. Today’s announcement is another reminder to me and all fans to do just that. It’s not about disconnecting with the sadness, but about making peace with the feeling of loss.

Jürgen you will be missed, thank you for everything and enjoy putting your feet up.


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