About Pacivida

In 2023, Pacivida was born from the heart and mind of Mark Desvaux, an English author and philosopher living in Vancouver Island, Canada. During a period of profound family loss, Mark found himself navigating the challenges of life as a single father to three young children. It was in these depths of personal upheaval that he unknowingly started to cultivate the philosophy of Pacivida. He then put a name to it.

On developing and practicing the Pacivida Principles, Mark experienced a life-changing journey. Recognizing the power of Pacivida, he felt a deep calling to share this transformative practice with the world. At the same time, conflict was increasing in the world and Mark realised that there is something even more important than the ideal of ‘World Peace’, and that is simply aspiring to create more ‘Peace in Your World’.

Mark’s journey is not just a story of personal resilience but a testament to the potential of Pacivida to bring about peace and purpose, no matter where you are in life, your lifestyle or beliefs.

What is Pacivida?

Ready for a change? Pacivida is your start to a simpler, more peaceful life. It’s not just about dealing with daily stress, but about learning to live with more joy and less worry. By taking the Pacivida Pledge, you’re committing to nurturing your own path of growth, balance, and inner peace. This pledge is more than a promise; it’s an invitation to transform your life, one day at a time.

Through the practice of Pacivida you will learn how to respond and react peacefully to (almost) everything that comes your way on a daily basis, no matter how big or small.

As you develop your practice and deepen your learning of the Pacivida Principles, you will start to not only see a transformative shift in how you feel, live, play and show up in the world, but also in how people interact with you.

Pacivida is your personal practice (like meditation, yoga or going to the gym), guided by me, but ultimately lived by you.

If you are ready to start your journey, take the Pacivida Pledge or sign-up to the mailing list to learn more.